Rottingdean WindmillRottingdean Smugglers Night is a celebration of Rottingdean’s historical past. An edgy, noisy, fantastical evening that links the passing of local bonfire celebrations and services of remembrance to Christmas. December also begins that final run up to winter solstice. In Rottingdean we combine these elements into a night of fire, drumming, costume, fireworks and seasonal fayre. A hybrid night of noise and mayhem.

It’s a difficult time of year, when summer is a distant memory and the cold weather has set in with a vengeance. Nights are at their longest and darkest. Our outdoor lives are hampered and curtailed by weather. Smugglers Night is a rebellion against both the elements and modern life. Villagers retake control over streets where the car is usually king. For a few hours, the high street is closed to that great intruder traffic and in its place there’s just music, dancing, laughter and celebration.

Our village has several assets, which lend themselves to this great evening. The coast offers a panoramic backdrop for any firework display. An intimate and historic high street provides a picturesque setting for processions which commemorate many historic links while the green is perfect for an atmospheric gathering to celebrate with a village carol service.