Taking place in The Whiteway Centre on Saturday 3rd December

‘Smugglers!’ The Play performed by Touched Theatre, created by Amanda Davidson & Philip Sugg 2-5pm (20mins play) £3 on the door.

Also: Children’s Crafts with Will-O-Wisp 2-5pm. £3 for 3! Make a Parrot,Purate Mask &Mermaid.

Face painting with Kate £3

4 thoughts on “Taking place in The Whiteway Centre on Saturday 3rd December

  1. Last night had the fun, frolics, food, noise and shopping. BUT it also had loads of burning crosses. More this year than people remember before? I have fielded comments from locals who were disturbed and even offended. I am going to protest, too, as the local Catholic priest. This is not Lewes but little Rottingdean with its friendly relationship between Anglicans and Catholics and the two Church schools. Some found the crosses reminiscent of the KKK and any symbol which might suggest to some racism should not be used even if that is not intended. It is hard not to see a pro-Protestant slant in these and, whatever, burning crosses can upset people of faith. This must stop in future or some will withdraw support. Our RC church will withdraw and no more prayers on the Green if this stuff is still going on.

    1. No offence intended. The crosses were intended to represent the 1377 murder of villagers. However, we do wish for the same thing as you and harmony is a key attribute throughout the village and rest assured there will be no further crosses as part of our village Smugglers event.

      1. That is good if you all follow this through. I know what they were meant to represent but they are still disturbing and inappropriate in this day and age for all the reasons mentioned in my earleir comment, and I am still fielding comments from patrishioners who were concerned. Not one burning cross at all is the clear message here! Hope things are more harmonious next year.

        1. One more thing… sorry! I did not hear this but but I have complaints. The narrative before the prayers on the Green… It sounds as if it needs to be a bit less spooky and more matter of fact. I heard about spirits being all around us still, or soemthing like that. That upset some hearers. It is also not Church doctrine, RC or C of E! What I suggest is that the officiating minister commends those who were killed and maybe we mention them in the mass that night. Commending and remembering is not the same as being spooked by their hanging around today. Sensitivity that might not be realised, but I do think this bit needs editing too. Or, some of us will not be on the Green!

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