Treasure Hunt


Pay heed to THE RULES ye scurvy dogs…

Smugglers Silver Treasure Hunt will commence at 11am on Saturday 16th November 2013 from either bar of the Olde Black Horse Pub on Rottingdean High Street. Entry vouchers £5 per head (up to 13th November, £7.50 after this date) now available from:

Handy Hardware, 51 Marine Drive (A259 coast road) Rottingdean BN27HQ in the countye of Sussex.
Tel: 01273 390141 or 07901 976152

Open Art Cafe, 6 Nevill Road, Rottingdean BN2 7HG Sussex
Tel: 01273 965364

The Olde Black Horse Pub, 65 High Street, Rottingdean
Tel: 01273 300491

Secreted somewhere in the olde village of Rottingdean shall be three tokens which each bestow a most valuable prize on any apprentice smuggler or pirate who discovers them. Local hostelries, inns & traders shall assist in your quest which will start and end at the aforementioned Olde Black Horse Pub.

Validated vouchers can be exchanged for cluesheet scrolls and an identifying badge on the day of the hunt.
It will be pointless following others as there are several different versions of scroll with varying start points.
Clues do not have to be solved in any particular order.
You can use web searches, GPS, books, maps, old seadogs & your brains, knowledge and intuition.
Only paid entrants with their tickets/vouchers can claim prizes.
Note: Because of the involvement of drinking establishments, this event is not suitable for children under 16 years.
In order to comply with the law, entrants under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult and carry ID to consume alcohol.
Any entrant consorting with person/persons who have not paid to enter the hunt, will be instantly disqualified.
Metal detectors, ground radar and divining rods are not allowed (and won’t help anyway).
The hunt is from 11am – 3pm, winners will be confirmed at 3.15pm in the Fisherman’s Bar at The Olde Black Horse Pub.

You don’t need to dig up, push, move, chisel open, hack, trespass or otherwise disturb anything/anyone to find tokens.
They’ll not be too difficult to locate as long as you’ve identified the correct locations.

This event celebrates a rich and sometimes murky village history.
SkullIt exploits powers of observation, deduction & frequent ingestion of ale.
Do not be deceived, some paths may appear to be dead ends.

In the event that an entrant discovers our hoard and there is evidence of foul play, a pirate commander will make studious investigations and judge or execute any offenders. His decision (and any executions) shall be deemed final. To avoid pistols at dawn, if more than one person solves all of our most devious clues within the prescribed four hours, their names will be drawn from a smuggler hat at the Olde Black Horse Inn to decide who shall win our precious contraband.

May the road rise up to meet you and may fair winds fill your sails. Godspeed to all who enter.
God Save the King this 16th day of november in the year of our Lord 2013.